Client Onboarding

At Astegic we understand that our onboarding process is detrimental to the satisfaction of our clients, and because we value these relationships, we have made it so that our approach is as seamless as possible. Client onboarding at Astegic encourages collaboration, increases productivity, and eliminates any unnecessary delays.

We are constantly monitoring and improving our client experience and we aim to be transparent throughout our entire process. We prove to be efficient as all of our documents and procedures are standardized across our entire enterprise. Astegic’s hands-on approach provides our clients not only with the technology to grant them real-time updates through status boards where they’re given an overview of managers, specialists, presentations, assignments, and notifications, but our experts are accessible as well to service any of our client needs. We believe our easy onboarding experience creates a long-lasting first impression that our clients appreciate and respect as they move forward with our services.

Goals of our Client Onboarding process:

Monitor and Improve Customer Experience

Complete Transparency to the Entire Process

Process Standardization Across the Enterprise

Standardize documentation Exchange