Testing Strategy

Astegic has developed a testing strategy that can be easily integrated into any project without compromising testing results.

Our clients feel confident as we partner with them on outlining a testing strategy document tailored to their needs as we work to determine specific components such as business objectives, return on investment (ROI), deliverables, testing measurements, reporting, tracking, and role management.

During the testing process our experts may recommend an effective mix of automated, manual, and performance testing, in order to provide our clients with accurate and scientific test results. Throughout this process the testing focus may change and testing scenarios may need to be modified depending on the issues detected.

Testing is followed by analysis and then quickly moves onto issue resolution. This cycle is an iterative process focused on targeting the most debilitating defects first, while working its way through the minor ones. This intensive investigation then forms the input for the reporting stages.

Astegic’s testing strategy puts our clients at ease as we assist them with meeting specific milestones, achieving their company goals, and creating reliable software their consumers can trust.