Whitepaper: Techniques For Mobile QA

The mobile landscape is constantly evolving every day. This and the lack of universal standards, tools, and mature segment-specific practices have created a whole new challenge for QA.

By downloading and reading the free whitepaper Techniques for Mobile QA, you will gain a better understanding of the mobile landscape and the best practices for mobile QA, including:

  • Mobile App Security Testing
  • Security Code Review
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment​

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    Free Whitepaper: Developing Mobile Applications

    Did you know that one in every five phones sold is a smartphone? Sales of smartphones, tablets, and e-readers are rising all the time and have actually passed that of laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers. The world has gone mobile and enterprises are following suit.

    Check out our latest whitepaper and learn about:

    • The role of mobile apps in the enterprise
    • The cost of developing a mobile app
    • In-house vs outsourced development
    • Creating apps for multiple platforms
    • Mobile app quality assurance
    • Generating revenue

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      Mobilizing Enterprise Applications: Obstacles, Benefits, and Key Considerations

      The enterprise move to mobilize applications is advancing full speed ahead as organizations aim to increase efficiency, productivity and overall ROI. In this whitepaper, we will dive into:

      • The Enterprise Move to Mobile
      • Deciding what Devices to Mobilize
      • Which Mobilization Approach to Take
      • Guiding Principles for Mobile Enablement

      While most enterprises are increasingly feeling the imperative to “do mobile”, many don’t know where to begin, and there are many obstacles to reach success.
      – “Getting Started and Overcoming Obstacles from the Mobile Imperative”, Gartner, November 2013

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