Mobile App Development – Outsource or In-House?

Mobile App Development – Outsource or In-House?Mobile App Development – Outsource or In-House?

Outsourcing vs In-House SolutionsMobile technology has advanced leaps and bounds since its inception. I got my first mobile phone at the age of 16 and its app abilities were limited to an alarm clock and the ever-popular snake game. I spent hours playing that game! Now app stores are overflowing with applications to boost productivity, keep you socially connected, and give you games to soak up any spare time.

While many of the apps on my phone are for personal use, I have a basic expectation from companies that provide professional services. I’ll think twice before creating an account at a bank that hasn’t gone mobile yet. If I want to monitor the success of a marketing campaign or post a blog, I want to be able to do all of this from my mobile phone while I’m running to a meeting. What’s my point with all this? Basically, it’s that I’m not alone. If businesses want to keep up with their clients, they must go mobile!

So now that you’ve opted to go mobile, you need to decide if you’ll develop the app in-house or outsource. To help you make that decision, I’ve highlighted the pros and cons of each option with the help of the folks over at and DMI.

Advantages of in-house app development

  • Transparent control over the development process
  • Choice of developers that know what you want at an agreeable cost
  • Full control over the project
  • Options over technologies used

Disadvantages of in-house app development

  • High starting costs to establish infrastructure
  • Excessive fees in order to obtain all necessary licenses and certificates for software, tools, and code
  • Additional cost of bringing in external consultants if developers get stuck

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Reduced time-to-market as resources can start instantly
  • Fixed cost for specific scope and delivery reduces risk
  • Specialized mobile developers leverage experience and resources
  • Frees company to focus on core business objectives

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

  • Loss of control and intellectual capital over services
  • Dependency on another company for something that could be core to your business
  • Small changes become more expensive and complicated
  • Increase in cost per hour

While only you can decide what is best for your organization, I hope that this article helped shed some light on how to make this important decision.

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