VGO Robotic Telepresence

VGO Robotic Telepresence

VGo is a productivity improvement solution that enables a person to replicate himself in a remote location and have the freedom to move around as if he/she were physically there. It enables users to see, hear, talk, interact, and go anywhere. With VGo, the user is completely independent of the people in a distant location – it’s 100% remote controlled. For instance, a user in New York, can visit the desk of a colleague in San Jose or a doctor in San Antonio can relieve the staffing shortage for a hospital in Chicago.

With this project, Astegic was tasked with mobilizing the user end of the platform. We developed a mobile application that enables the user to control VGo from an iPad so that he/she does not have to be tied to a desktop. The VGo mobile app allows the user to:

  • Navigate the VGo robot with a touch screen
  • Mute your Audio or Audio and Video
  • Turn Lights on and off
  • Control the volume of your voice coming out of the VGo
  • Take a hi-resolution photo that is automatically transferred back to a folder on your computer
  • Zoom the video coming from the VGo up to 5X

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