API Testing

Our Application Programming Interface (API) testing focuses specifically on the proficiency, reliability, functionality, and usability of our client’s software. API testing is designed to make sure that our client’s software runs in an increasingly seamless and efficient manner. We plan our tests by taking into consideration the software’s environment, infrastructure, and dependencies.

Astegic’s API testing ensures that the APIs and the software they’re attempting to connect to work in the most optimal manner. This form of testing concentrates on where the data is being retrieved and then stored, the logical aspect of the software, and if the software is properly communicating with its users, all under varying conditions.

Automation Testing:

Versus manual testing, automation testing is a more efficient and accurate way for our experts to detect deficiencies within the API.

Security Testing:

Testing is used to detect vulnerabilities within the API to ensure its ability to withstand security attacks that could lead to compromising information being stolen.

Data Validation/Verification:

Validates and verifies that the API software being tested meets the client’s business needs and that the API fulfills its intended use.

Performance & Load Testing:

Determines how the API performs with internal and external systems, how it handles multiple users, and how it reacts under varying loads.