Mobile App Automation Testing Services

Our Mobile Testing tests applications on our vast selection of iOS and Android devices. Our experts design a plan that smoke tests our client’s software and business logic with our simulators and emulators, and then test client software against our real devices for hardware functions like location, screen actions, sound, Bluetooth, and WIFI.

To accelerate time to market our team will automate mobile test cases when required. Astegic has tested a variety of mobile products, including a spectrum of devices, platforms, and various versions. We have advised clients in comparing and selecting mobile testing tools. While manual testing can be useful, we recommend Mobile Automation to speed up overall mobile testing and expand your test coverage so you can be confident you’re releasing bug-free code.

Mobile Application Functional Testing:

Using both unscripted and scripted functional testing methods we ensure that our client’s mobile testing applications meet the requirements for which they were designed.

Mobile Automation Testing:

Mobile automation testing determines the speed in which testing is performed, it allows for larger scalability, and boosts our client’s chances of releasing bug-free code.

Security Testing:

Validates if the application’s information system possesses the ability to protect data, and keep mobile data secure against attacks.

Usability Testing:

Tests to see if our client’s mobile applications are easy to use and that they provide a satisfactory and consistent user experience to consumers.

Mobile App Performance & Load Testing:

Various stress-tests determine realistic response times and load using various browsers, application performance under network conditions, and dependability over a certain period of time.