Cloud Migration & Optimization/Scalability

Cloud Migration & Optimization/Scalability

Are you considering the cloud as a path toward technical and economic scalability? Astegic offers significant hands-on experience with planning, implementing, and supporting pure cloud migrations for public/private hybrid and private cloud deployments to virtualize your infrastructure. Whether you need help with developing a cloud-friendly application architecture or just want to test the waters, we can help you make the right decisions, quickly and safely, the first time.

While almost every application can be deployed in the cloud, not every application is optimized for such an environment. Additionally, application and data security (as well as data privacy) concerns must be taken into consideration. Other issues to keep in mind include how to optimize costs, execute auto-scaling, and implement the most advantageous architecture development techniques. Mistakes in the cloud can be very costly and, as such, it is critical to consider all of these issues from the very beginning.

Astegic is here to guide you through the cloud migration process, minding your specific requirements for senior management, financial and technical teams.

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