Server Administration

Server Administration

At Astegic, we take pride in our proven ability to operate and maintain infrastructure services for our customers. We understand that every organization has specific needs and we ensure that our professionals are trained and certified in all the relevant platforms for your business. Our comprehensive approach to providing IT support services considers all aspects of personnel, processes, and technology to successfully and effectively address and manage the evolving and complex needs of our customers.

Certified Oracle Database Administration

With certified Oracle database administrators on staff, Astegic helps enterprise companies manage and optimize the performance of their Oracle databases. Astegic provides custom enterprise reporting and application development for companies that struggle with everyday business challenges such as productivity, security, and business continuity planning. Astegic consulting can help you:

  • Design a logical storage structure of your database
  • Prepare a disaster recovery plan to back up, restore, and recover any business-critical data
  • Optimize the performance and efficiency of database structures
  • Develop custom applications for your unique business needs and requirements

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