Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

Astegic provides mobile solutions for a wide range of enterprise applications and solutions. We have a long track record of delivering mobility solutions that can integrate with multiple platforms on the back end. There are many challenges to an effective enterprise mobility platform. Astegic has both experience and expertise in developing mobile applications, middleware, and adaptors to integrate with various enterprise applications and back-ends.

Leveraging Technology Investments

We work closely with our clients to ensure their technology investments can be leveraged to extend their reach into the mobile environment. Our tools are built to work with both RSS and Atom feeds, REST and SOAP interfaces, as well as many standard data transfer formats including:

  • XML
  • JSON

For clients that don’t yet have a web services layer as part of their IT infrastructure, we can also provide guidance and/or build this layer for them. Learn more about Astegic’s Enterprise IT Solutions.

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