Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Interaction design focuses on how information should be presented, how it flows, and how it should respond. At Astegic, we develop wireframes and prototypes to model the application that will engage the end user.


Wireframes provide low-cost and highly-effective support for iterative design. Wireframes are easy to create, and most importantly in agile development, easy to change, especially as compared to a coded web application. The wireframe of a web application project provides a conceptual screen design and task flow that will eventually become the user interface.

At Astegic, we create Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi wireframes and screen flows to visualize the UI architecture and provide an accurate view of the UI experience within the user journey context. We spend the time necessary to conceptualize, test, and develop a solid wireframe in order to prevent foreseeable and potentially costly changes once the application has entered the development stage.


A prototype is a set of wireframes used to simulate a functioning application. The prototype models the purpose of the application, its flow, and its patterns for interaction. With this model, you have an environment that can walk a user through a task, identify points of confusion, and create new wireframes based on the results.

When a great idea emerges from a brainstorming session, it is crucial to be able to express the  idea efficiently and effectively. Prototyping provides a platform in which testers can analyze both the design and overall experience for the end user.

We pride ourselves in using wireframes and prototypes quickly, enabling our clients to review and provide meaningful feedback in a short timeframe.

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