Usability is final piece of the UX puzzle. If an application isn’t user friendly, it will not succeed. For this reason, we perform thorough usability testing throughout the project lifecycle to identify navigational and usability issues from the start. We do so through eye tracking, usability audits, usability and accessibility testing.


Effective deployment of eye-tracking technology requires a thorough understanding of design and user behavior. Astegic’s experts bring many years of usability testing experience to the table, uniquely positioning us to help our clients take advantage of this groundbreaking new technology. Eye tracking literally tells you where website users are looking on a screen as they attempt to complete a specific task or explore a site for information. With this information, you can make informed decisions on your key design elements such as task workflow, site navigation, or advertising placement.


With usability testing, there is no single approach that works across the board. Astegic’s dedicated UX professionals manage every phase of your usability audit including:

  • Survey creation
  • Focus group selection
  • Usability testing
  • Detailed result analysis

We guarantee a quick, cost-effective solution to ensure our client’s applications are user friendly, intuitive, and that they complete the intended purpose.


At Astegic, we conduct formal and informal website and application testing for usability and accessibility. We have conducted countless usability tests over a wide variety of websites, software, and mobile platforms. Our experts and processes reveal critical insights into overall usability, navigability, product comprehension, and general appeal.

Usability and Accessibility tests, performed throughout the development lifecycle of the application, inform the UX and design to not only create a user-friendly interface, but also to catch usability issues early on and correct deficits before they become costly and problematic.

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