Visual Design

Visual Design

Visual design is an vital aspect of a successful web applications usability. At Astegic, our visual design experts work closely with user interface designers to determine that exact role that each visual element will play. Thoughtful user interface can empower a business and strengthen its brand. We harness our in-house expertise in graphic design to redefine each application interface as it serves its end user.

Through web and application design, branding and identity, we aim to produce simple, creative, and effective design methods that enhance the user experience with the best interface possible for your application.


With years of website production and design experience, our focus is to deliver the ideal web design and development solution. Each of our experts brings a different specialty to the table including:

  • Interface & Web Design
  • HTML/CSS Development
  • Blog Design & RSS Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Maintenance

Our mobile applications help you reach a wider audience, tap new revenue streams, build customer loyalty, and improve employee productivity. Our enterprise mobile solutions involve a deep understanding of application architecture and data presentation and manipulation to create platform agnostic application with a similar look and feel for all UX components.

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A critical aspect of UX & Design is the brand and identity of your application. At Astegic, we work with you to develop effective brand strategies and build corporate identities for your business. Regardless of the type of project, your end user should know who is behind it. It is only with effective branding and a clearly defined identity that you can develop a reputation and bring users back for more.

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