Astegic to Mobilize the 24th Annual Government Procurement Conference

Astegic to Mobilize the 24th Annual Government Procurement Conference

Astegic will be mobilizing the 24th Annual Government Procurement Conference by creating the official conference app for the event, via our mobile app platform, mConference. In doing so, we will be creating an atmosphere for the conference community which will empower, connect, inform and engage. This live event will in essence be mobilized with the most important conference information literally in the palms of all attendees.

Equipped with out-of-the box functionality, the app will employ options that are fully customizable. This will allow all attendees to tailor their virtual conference experience, maximizing it with full access to the conference’s agenda, being updated on keynote speaker info, providing a map to all exhibit halls, advising attendees of special announcements, any news about the event, feeds from diverse social media channels and much more.

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Conference attendees will be empowered to share and receive updated information in real-time as it happens, allowing them to see the most vital information on their mobile dashboard.

In providing attendees with the knowledge they need, they will also enjoy optimum security utilizing a secure single sign-in that will be seamlessly integrated with the attendee registration system. Rounding out this secure mobile experience, attendees will be presented with a variety of login options and passcodes that are secured via SSL, so all classified information concerning the event can be viewed only by those granted this secure access.

In addition to mobilizing the event, we’re looking forward to partaking in all that this conference has to offer. We have a long history of providing mobile development and IT services to both government and private organizations. Interested in learned more? Schedule a meeting now and we’ll see you then!

About the Conference

The Government Procurement Conference is a national conference fostering business partnerships between the Federal Government, its prime contractors, and small, minority, service-disabled veteran-owned, veteran-owned, HUBZone, and women-owned businesses. Now in its 24th year, the Government Procurement Conference has become the premier event for small businesses throughout the United States.


Creating Event BUZZ with your Mobile App

Creating Event BUZZ with your Mobile App

With Mobile World Congress (MWC) coming up fast in Barcelona, Spain, and apps being the flavor for that week, we thought we’d write a post about how to use your app to create event buzz.

Out of thousands of vendors from all over the globe, being pulled, directed and even sometimes pushed ever so lightly to different product booths, seminars and presentations, here are some ways that you can create buzz about your event using your app.

  • Implement photo and video sharing capabilities within your app so all your attendees can share photos with other attendees and add their own that would become instantly available to all.
  •  Provide your app users with all the information they need such as hotel accommodations, interactive city maps, currency exchange info, restaurant and nightlife information. Provide commenting, reviewing capabilities Make sure all this information is sharable.
  • Any additions, updates or changes to your event such as speaker schedules should automatically be made available to your event attendees with push notification functionality.
  • Provide keynote speaker info and and an interactive maps of the event grounds.
  • Constantly provide status updates so that your followers can keep abreast of what is happening. Include catchy photos. Keep them updated as it happen . When it happens.
  • Use the power of contests by announcing it on your app. Everyone will be updated automatically through their notification settings. This builds interest and anticipation.
  • Include maps of all physical event booths and associated info. Encourage sharing and the ability to review businesses.
  • Provide real live updates from conference central. Perhaps, you can even utilize a web cam to show traffic as people enter the conference
  • Use your app to create short videos of people talking about why they came to the conference, from where they are from, what they do, their favorite booths, speakers, etc….Provide commenting and instant sharing capabilities.
  • Give your attendees the ability to view all sessions according to time, location, speaker topic and give them the capability to sync their calendars and invite others.
  • Include screens to your individual social media feeds with mentioning and sharing capabilities

There are lots of ways to build buzz about your event using your app. You want to encourage all your attendees to use your app as their central information depot for anything and everything event related.

5 Ways to Generate Revenue from your Mobile App

5 Ways to Generate Revenue from your Mobile App

generate revenueWhen I first entered the world of mobile applications, my biggest question was how these companies can make money from a free app. Where does the revenue come from? I’ve learned a lot since then and decided to help others who were like me at the beginning and couldn’t answer this question. So without further ado, here are 5 Ways to Generate Revenue from your Mobile App.

Offer a Freemium

Often, companies will offer two versions of the same app, free (lite) and premium. The lite version of the app will have just enough to hook the user but will leave out some key features. Essentially, you draw in the user with a free app and then prompt him/her to purchase the premium version in order to take advantage of key functionalities.

In-App Upgrades

This concept is most often embraced by game apps. You can download the game for free but have the option to purchase features within to enhance the gaming experience. Zynga’s popular game Words with Friends has embraced this concept by charging to remove ads or to use features to count the remaining tiles.

Enable eCommerce

Give users a platform to purchase things they want. That’s not to say you have to open up a whole store for this purpose. Take a page from apps like Amazon or Ebay. These are free apps that enable transactions to drive revenue. There is currently a trend for free apps that offer a core utility of driving revenue through eCommerce.

Build a Base

This option takes more time and effort but certainly pays off. Some companies nurture a growing base of loyal app users with free apps with the long term goal of monetizing that base with other paid apps, content, or commerce down the line. This route only works, however, if you have a consistent brand and happy users.

Ad Revenue

This is the most obvious method of generating revenue. You can define revenues based on the click-through rate (CTR) or number of impressions (Cost per Million – CPM). Ad companies such as AdWhirl even claim that you can make between $400 and $5000 per day. Just make sure that the ads are not so obnoxious that they harm the user experience and scare off your users.

5 Tips for Developing a Mobile App

5 Tips for Developing a Mobile App5 Tips for Developing a Mobile App

Mobile AppsMobile devices are everywhere. As I look around the room right now I see 2 iPads, an iPhone, a Microsoft HTC and a Samsung…and that’s just for 2 people! We’re addicted to our mobile devices and the apps on every device have, for many, become a primary means of consuming information, playing games, and increasing productivity.

While these apps are very popular, from a developer’s standpoint, there are some inherent problems. Not all devices are created the same and there are some basic guidelines you should follow in order to create mobile apps that work! In this article, we’ve highlighted the 5 points you need to keep in mind when developing a mobile app.

1. Solve a problem

Functionality matters. Whether your app saves time or money, entertains or informs, make sure you are offering something that benefits the user. Perhaps even more important, however, is that you need to create something that hasn’t been seen before.

2. Don’t go feature crazy

It’s easy to get caught up in the momentum of ideas but that’s not always the best for your app. Focus on one thing but do it best. Your app should solve one clear problem. Too many features can just muddle the end product and confuse the potential user.

3. Market, Market, Market!

Just because you get a slot in the coveted app store does not mean you will be immediately overwhelmed with downloads. If you want people to discover your app, you will have to invest in promotion to get the word out.

4. Push Notifications

Notifications aren’t always appropriate but when they are, you should certainly take advantage. Push notifications remind the user of your app and bring them back again and again.

5. Don’t force the mobile version

When a user tries to visit your website on a mobile device, don’t force them into a mobile version. Give users the option to view either version but don’t limit yourself to just one. Screens are getting bigger everyday so a limited mobile version is no longer as necessary as it used to be.

Why should you listen to us? Astegic is the leading provider of custom mobile application development, and consulting services. We have mastered this domain and have extensive experience in developing custom mobile applications for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Our team brings together deep product design experience, technology expertise and a passion for building world-class mobile apps. That’s why you should listen to us!