Good UX Design Enhances the Mobile User Experience

Good UX Design Enhances the Mobile User Experience

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” Joe Sparano – Graphic Designer

While 2013 was the year that mobile took off, 2014 will be the year that mobile seeps its way into the consciousness of all. App publishers the world over will seek new ways to enhance the mobile user experience in ways that will empower users to connect and engage with the masses.

As many until recently have utilized the desktop and laptop to get things done on the web for the past two decades, Mobile UX design will take center stage as designers will seek to turn Smartphone users into loyal app users. One of the challenges that exist is to dispel the notion many have, that, just because it’s a small screen, everyday tasks should not be considered a hassle.

Brands will continue to strive to make the mobile user experience so smooth, users will consider their mobile devices as a first screen, rather than their second. By building apps and incorporating solid Mobile UX design they can achieve this.

Below are just a few mobile UX design trends that will all but guarantee an amazing user experience in 2014 and beyond.

  • Flat Design – This concept has broken through into the mainstream with Apple’s use for its just released iOS7. The core of this philosophy is to communicate icons and any images in a simplified fashion, leaving anything else by the wayside. No styling, shadows are used. It is all about functionality.
  • Pull Down to Refresh – Apple, as the innovator the company has been for so many years, was the first to use this gesture. While almost all successful apps utilize this gesture in some shape or form, they all do in their own way. It is a design concept that increases engagement with devices.
  • Targeted Gestures – Shaking, tilting, pinching, swiping. These are all gestures that are used in some of the top apps. The thing with incorporating gestures into your mobile UX design is knowing your audience. It is best to see what gestures are used by the top apps serving your target market and design accordingly.

The most important part about Mobile UX Design is to keep it consistent!