World Quality Report Reveals that Two-thirds of Companies Are Inadequately Testing Mobile Applications

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World Quality Report 2012-2013 just revealed some major factors about Mobile App Testing few days back. As mobile devices continue to transform users’ needs, demands and expectations, the report highlights the need for companies to rethink their QA strategies and priorities.The report revealed some of the important facts in Mobile Testing on the basis of responses of the respondents who participated in to this.The report is elaborated on Mobile Testing and other part of Software Testing. The report revealed that  Organizations may not be giving mobility the priority it deserves. This sector is still facing some challenges due to lack of expertise resources,best Practices, availability of devices etc. Performance of Mobile Apps emerged as the top most focus for most of the firms who participated in this survey.
Though there are many points discussed in the report about Mobile App Testing, here are some important points that came out of this report.
  • Two-thirds of companies are inadequately testing mobile applications
  • Only 31% of respondents currently test mobile applications
  • 65% of respondents conveyed that they don’t have right tools to test mobile apps.
  • 52% do not have access to required devices.
  • 34% of organizations lack the testing methodologies and processes
  • 29% of organization lacks specialist expertise  necessary to effectively certify mobile application
  • Performance of the mobile app has emerged to be primary focus for most of the organizations( 64%)
  • 37%  are Testing Mobile App in Manufacturing domain followed by Energy& Utilities and Healthcare(Each 35%)

Picture speaks louder than words so here are some quick trends that came out of this report.



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